• Abstract

    Eyes are mirrors of the soul. It was the souls that Anya tried to show in this collection - bright, filled with flowers, dreams, beauty and hopes.

  • Family

    The greatest happiness in life is the confidence that your family loves you, loves you because we are who we are, or despite the fact that we are who we are.
    The property of the author. Not for sale.

  • Mexican Dream

    The main idea of the exhibition is to immerse the audience into Anya’s surreal world by using the combination of the paintings, objects, the technologies of VR and augmented reality. Also invite the audience to participate into the creation of an art object.

  • Unconscious paintings

    This collection is based on the idea that an artist's apron is a piece of art in itself. When an artist is enthusiastically working on another painting, she unconsciously creates several more ...